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Zero-emission inland shipping

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Climate neutral.
In 2023.

Emission-free inland shipping. That’s what the sector is striving for. To achieve this, innovative demonstration projects are needed.

WEVA is one such demonstration project. With a large group of partners, we are currently working hard to realize the world’s first newly built hydrogen-electric inland shipping vessel. The vessel, named Ms Antonie, is currently being completed at Concordia Damen in Werkendam. After the summer, this innovative ship will glide through the Dutch landscape completely clean and silent.

100% CO2 Reduction

Hydrogen-electric navigation means a 100% reduction in CO2 emissions.

100% NOx Reduction

Ms Antonie will have no emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the near future.

100% PM Reduction

Say goodbye to fine particulate matter. We bring it down to zero.


The power of collective action.

Working together towards a greener and sustainable world. It is through collaboration that the smartest ideas arise. Within the WEVA project, various parties are closely working together to realize a shared dream: zero-emission inland shipping.

We understand the need for change. With the commitment of our partners and the support of subsidies from various government institutions, this demonstration project demonstrates that the future of inland shipping can be entirely sustainable.

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A circular supply chain

The byproduct from Nobian becomes fuel for Ms Antonie.

Nobian is a European leader in the production of essential chemicals for various industries. For years, Harm Lenten has been transporting salt from Delfzijl to the Nobian factory in the Botlek. Nobian utilizes this salt to produce various products such as chlorine-alkali, chloromethanes, and hydrogen.

The beauty of the WEVA project lies in the fact that the hydrogen produced from the salt will serve as fuel for Ms Antonie. This creates a circular supply chain where the industry and transportation are interconnected, forming an inseparable bond.

WEVA Quotes

Emission-free transport between Delfzijl and Rotterdam is the perfect example of how, by working together with all parties in the supply chain, from entrepreneurs to shippers, we can truly realize ambitious climate goals. We are now laying the foundation for further sustainability in water transport.


Nobian has the ambition to be climate-neutral by 2040. Greening the transportation of our products is an important step towards achieving this goal. We believe it is essential to work together with our partners to contribute to innovations that lead to scalable solutions for green transport. Additionally, Nobian aims to be a leader in the production and application of green hydrogen.


We are proud to be part of the WEVA project. Together, we are building a new and functioning hydrogen value chain. We are excited to see the ms Antonie take to the water as an example for many ships to come.

HyEnergy TransStore

From the drawing board to the final stages of construction in Werkendam. It's really happening now, and I'm already looking forward to covering the first kilometers silently and emission-free through the Netherlands.

Lenten Scheepvaart

Lenten Scheepvaart

Harm Lenten comes from a true inland shipping family.

His great-grandfather already sailed with a Tjalk on the IJsselmeer. Since 2002, Harm has been navigating the Dutch rivers and canals with Ms Antonie.

The hydrogen-electric vessel that is now entering service is officially his third Ms Antonie. The ship is named after his father.