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WEVA project

WEVA stands for Waterstof Elektrisch Vrachtschip Antonie (Hydrogen Electric Cargo Vessel Antonie). Currently, this hydrogen-electric inland shipping vessel is being completed in Werkendam, the Netherlands. By the end of August, the Antonie will be sailing on 100% green hydrogen. A groundbreaking achievement!

The vessel will transport salt in an entirely emission-free manner on behalf of Nobian, from Delfzijl (the Netherlands) to the factory in Botlek, Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Each trip will involve approximately 3,850 tons of salt, which is equivalent to 120 trucks.

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CO2 Reduction

Sailing on green hydrogen results in a CO2 reduction of 880 tons per year.

Hydrogen consumption per round trip

The Antonie consumes 1,200 kg of green hydrogen per round trip.

Range on battery power

The vessel can sail for up to 8 hours on its battery pack.

Facts & Figures

Zero-emission transport across Dutch inland waterways.

  • Ship length: 135 meters
  • Annual cargo: 240,000 tons of salt
  • Fuel cell power: 320 kW
  • Hydrogen storage pressure: 300 bar
  • Battery pack size: 1100 kWh
More about WEVA

Accelerating the hydrogen economy

By pooling our strengths, this hydrogen-powered vessel comes into existence. This gives a sustainable boost to the Dutch manufacturing industry. Together, we can demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen. This project can be the breakthrough for the use of hydrogen in inland shipping and coastal navigation.

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Vision & Mission

Lenten Scheepvaart believes in a fully sustainable and circular world without waste. We are working towards a cleaner and healthier planet.

We aim to provide sustainable and reliable transport through our zero-emission ship, reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality. We achieve this through close collaboration with chain and project partners.